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Most Recent Israel Passions Members who have sent an Instant Message*

Free Israel Passions Instant Messaging (IM)

Is Instant Messaging available within this site?

Yes. Instant Messaging is available within this site.

How do I send an Instant Message to another member?

You can access the IM system by clicking on the 'SEND INSTANT MESSAGE' link within a member's profile page, in the area just below their photo. Please note that you will not see the 'SEND INSTANT MESSAGE' link unless you are logged into the site and the member you are attempting to IM is also online.

Does Instant Messaging work on computers AND mobile devices?

No. At this time, Instant Messaging will only work on computers. Instant Messaging will not work on mobile devices (ie. Mobile Phones, Tablets, etc.). When accessing a member's profile page from a mobile device, you will not see the 'SEND INSTANT MESSAGE' option.

When will Instant Messaging work on mobile devices?

We do not have plans to upgrade our Instant Messaging system to work on mobile devices at this time. While it may happen in the future, it is not likely to happen anytime soon.

I have tried to IM other members but I sometimes I do not get a response. Why is that?

There are a number of reasons why you might not receive a response when using the IM system.

1) The member you are attempting to contact may have a pop-up blocker on their computer, preventing the IM window from opening. A pop-up blocker would prevent them from ever seeing your Instant Message.

2) The other member may have closed their browser without logging out. In this situation, they appear to be online, but actually are not available. While our system automatically logs members out after some period of time, there could be an overlap where they still appear to be online, but are not.

3) The other member may see your Instant Message, but just choose not to respond.

What are the general rules regarding the use of the Instant Message system within this site?

1) The IM system allows private text chat between members.

2) Since the IM system only works between two online members, we recommend IM attempts be focused on members appearing within the Who's Online area. (Please keep in mind that our system automatically logs members out after an extented period of inactivity, but there can be an overlap where someone still appears online after leaving the site, if they forget to log themselves out manually.)

3) When initiating an Instant Message, please keep in mind that it can take up to a minute for it to first appear on the recipients computer...depending on when the system last checked for new messages.

4) The Instant Message pop-up box will not appear on the recipients computer until you have typed something, and hit submit.

5) The Instant Message pop-up box will not appear on the recipients computer if they have not disabled their pop-up blockers. If that is the case, you will see a message saying the member is not available.

6) Please note that offensive behavior is not tolerated.

7) The same Terms of Service apply within the Instant Messenger, as on the sites.

Note: While Instant Messaging is restricted to text only, full audio and webcam functionality is provided within the free Israeli chat room.

8) Please note that Chat is currently resticted to devices that support FLASH, so it will only work on computers and 'Flash Enabled' mobile devices.

*These members may or may not still be logged in.